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Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge (TUBC) is an international business case competition bringing together undergraduate students from leading business schools around the world. The competition is annually hosted in Thailand by the undergraduate students of Thammasat University’s BBA international program. This year marks TUBC’s 26th year of continuing success in the global business arena, where it continues to build its recognition as a highly prestigious case competition.

Each year, representatives from leading business schools are invited to join the competition. The case, which is written based on real issues regarding a specified business, will be given to the teams to analyze. The teams will then present their solutions to a panel of judges and a winner will be announced.


1. To provide participants with opportunities to exercise their knowledge and hone their skills in critical analysis, time management, and more
2. To promote and develop a strong network among business schools on a global scale
3. To prepare students for a dynamic business environment
4. To create awareness of business case competitions in Thailand
5. To meet international standards of excellent hospitality and professionalism

Invitation Criteria

The participating teams of TUBC are invited from the leading business schools from around the world based on their previous performances on TUBC and other international case competitions as well as the global recognition of the university itself.


1. Each participating team comprises of 4 full-time current undergraduates. An exchange student status is not accepted.
2. Any participants, teams and indviduals, that joined TUBC in the previous years are not allowed.
3. In case of cancellation from any member of a team, no alternate is allowed. The team must continue the competition with the remaining members.

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