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What is "The Challenger" ?

Objectives of "The Challenger"

Opportunity for student

To provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to utilize their analytical and presentation skills and to challenge themselves in a real business setting.

Interaction with employers

To encourage the interactions between students and their potential employers. Students can share their fresh ideas and present their set of skills to representatives of major companies in Thailand.

Building Connection

The Challengers brings students with similar interest together. They will have a chance to meet new people, cracking case, and compete with others.

Create Awareness

To create awareness about business case competitions region-wide and nation-wide.

the competition format

A team of 4 will be given a case based on a real company to analyze, solve and present to the judges under time constraints. The business cases will include facts and data about a company's situation, issues, and/or future goals. Teams will be judged on various criteria, such as depth of analysis, amount of creativity, degree of practicality, presentation skills and responses to judges’ questions.

  • A real business problem
  • Analyze and comes up with prominent solutions
  • Present virtually via the program Zoom to a panel of judges

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